The Mustang movie plot

2022-04-15 08:01
In order to control the number of The Mustangs galloping in the border areas of the United States, every year the US government will arrest a certain number of The Mustangs and send them to various prisons to implement the The Mustang plan. The prisoners will tame the Mustangs and conduct social auctions. Horses that cannot be tamed will be punished with Euthanasia.
Romanis serving in the Northern Nevada State Prison after seriously injuring his wife on impulse. When he made a big mistake because he couldn't control his emotions, Roman always felt ashamed of the person he loved. His autism, remorse, and anger are precisely because he is not a real villain.
Roman and the unruly The Mustang meet in a Northern Nevada prison. They were in similar circumstances, they were all imprisoned, both were angry, and neither could control their anger. The horse was the most violent of The Mustangs to be captured and was kept alone in the shed. After Roman got along with The Mustang, he named the horse Marcus. But in the end, it was not tamed, but Marcus could understand Roman's words, trust him, and be willing to be saddled. It was through the day and night with The Mustang Marcus that Roman, an indifferent person who no longer cared about everything, slowly regained his warmth as a human being   .
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    It's a more meaningful and in-depth subject. The relationship between land, people and things has distinct textures and layers. Schoenaier became more and more skilled, and his personal charm became more and more skilled.

  • Jasmin 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    This movie is very suitable to watch with cloe zhao's knights. It also shoots people and horses. It also has a very important family line. It is also very exciting, but the lines of the two directors are completely different. If cloe zhao's focus is mainly on the protagonist's self-recognition through the identity of a knight, here people and horses can be said to be dual protagonists. The two are lonely and sympathetic to each other. Interpretation of the theme of "Mustang". While the description is delicate, the director also has insight into the social issues behind each of them. Overall, it is a film with rich and layered meanings. Finally, the director himself is really beautiful

The Mustang quotes

  • Psychologist: You've been in isolation. What do you think about that?

    Roman: I'm not good with people.

  • Martha: When I was six, I, uh, started to write letters of support to your parole board. But your parole was always denied, so I thought it was my fault that you were still in prison, because I wasn't a good enough writer. Then, when I got older, I understood. You didn't want to get out. So I stopped writing. I kept one of those letters. "My dad is fun. Send him back home".

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