The Next Best Thing movie plot

2022-10-21 14:47
Abi is a yoga counselor. She has just experienced a painful breakup with her boyfriend. At this time, she wants someone to share her emptiness with her and even have a child. Abbie has a best friend named Robert, a gay architectural designer who has been struggling with his "love". When Abbie finds Robert, two lonely hearts snuggle together, filling each other's emptiness. The death of a close friend becomes the catalyst for the further development of their friendship. In the afternoon of a cocktail dinner, two lives in deep sorrow finally collide with passion. Although they avoided each other after that, Abbie found out she was pregnant.
The two had to negotiate the matter, and they made an amazing decision-to have this child. And they also began to play the role of the child's parents. Despite the backlash from their friends, they were determined to do it.
But as the story progresses, Abbie and Robert's son, Sam, has grown into a beautiful, confident six-year-old boy whose parents also struggle to maintain their "parenthood" in a humorous and lighthearted atmosphere, however, On this day, this situation finally changed. Ben Cooper, a bank investor who came to Los Angeles from New York on a business trip, walked into Abbie's yoga class. He and her fell in love at first sight.
The "happy" family of three is coming to an end, but Robert finds that his life is different from 6 years ago. How will Abbie and Robert's "temporary love story" end?
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The Next Best Thing quotes

  • Young Girl: I know what a faggot is. That it what my dad calls someone who cuts him off in traffic.

  • Abbie: Robert, I'm offering you a choice. You can either be the baby's father or his uncle.

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