The Objective movie plot

2022-07-13 21:44
November 2001, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. A special forces unit from the United States and CIA agent Benjamin Cairns (Jonas Ball Jonas Ball ornaments) meet here, they are looking for a man named Mohammed Aban in the local area. Guided by the lineman Aboul (Chems-Eddine Zinoune), they arrive in the mountains where Mohammed is said to be hiding. There are terrifying legends circulating here. More than half a century ago, a British army of tens of thousands disappeared out of thin air. From the moment the special forces stepped into this unfamiliar territory, terrifying and bizarre events followed. The team members disappeared one after another, and they seemed to be on a road of no return to the dark world. 
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The Objective quotes

  • Benjamin Keynes: Habban is highly respected among the local population. He is considered the spiritual force that helped the Mujahideen defeat the Soviets.

    Sgt. Vincent Degetau: [mocking the CIA operative] I thought the CIA was the spiritual force that helped them defeat the Soviets?


    Benjamin Keynes: That depends on, uh, your definition of spiritual, Seargent.

    [dead-eye stare toward Degetau]

  • Chief Warrant Officer Wally Hamer: Remember, once we hit the ground this is a meet and greet. We smile at the locals, we hand out pens, we win hearts and minds. We're not door-kicking on this one, everybody understand?

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