The Phantom of Liberty evaluation action

2022-05-14 18:20
In terms of the purest surrealist works of Luis Buñuel , except for "The Dogs of Andalus", this film is not far behind. The content is like a kaleidoscope of piecing together, there is no clue that affects the theme, and there is no storyline that connects the past and the future, but the mastery of the atmosphere and a high degree of fantasy space. Coupled with the absurdity and bizarreness of the plot in each paragraph, it is absolutely impossible for fans of Luis Buñuel to resist. However, the film still follows the director's consistent criticism and ridicule of the bourgeoisie's behavior and way of life. The absurd, humorous, satirical story arrangement and the specially created nightmarish atmosphere are all to show the director's disgust and criticism of the absurd behavior in reality.
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The Phantom of Liberty quotes

  • Foucauld: I'm sick of symmetry.

  • Sophie: Mommy, I'm very hungry!

    L'hôtesse à la réception mondaine: Sophie, it's impolite to use those words at the table!

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