The Red Balloon movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
A lonely little boy picked up a Le Ballon Rouge wandering in the air on his way to school, he took it to school and after school, Le Ballon Rouge like a naughty and sensible elf followed him step by step and accompanies him. The little boy took it to hide from the rain under the umbrellas of the adults. Le Ballon Rouge cleverly avoided the pursuit of teachers and parents, waiting for the little boy to leave school. It even happily held the little girl who met on the way. Blue balloons rubbing against the temples. The little boy has a happy playmate ever since. In front of a cake shop, Le Ballon Rouge is captured by a gang of mischievous kids who have been following them, jealous of them. Although the little boy tried his best to save it, in the end, Le Ballon Rouge could not dodge the stones shot by the children with slingshots. It was deflated and was crushed by the swarming children. The little boy stared blankly at it, full of melancholy. At this moment, all kinds of colorful balloons all over the street broke free from the children's hands, and flew out from the street and the window, and flew to the melancholy little boy together. The little boy looked up at them and smiled brightly again, and he happily gripped so many balloons, letting them take him up into the air and soar freely   .
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  • Troy 2022-03-15 08:01:01

    1956 Cannes short Palme d'Or. 1. Beat Fei Fei [Da Lu], the only short film that won an Oscar for the original screenplay. 2. Maintain spatial integrity through long-lens and deep-focus photography, so that the audience ignores the existence of special effects (thin line manipulation), and makes the lively and naughty yet clever anthropomorphic balloon image appear on the screen. 3. The gray and gloomy streets of Paris are contrasted with brightly colored balloons, reality vs dream. 4. The balloon is broken and the slow mirror ends with [Flying House Travels]. (8.5/10)

  • Ellis 2022-03-15 08:01:01

    Off-topic: After reading this, I am even more afraid of balloons = =

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The Red Balloon quotes

  • Pascal - le petit garçon: Could you hold my balloon while I'm in school?

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