The Rezort movie plot

2022-07-19 22:55
Rezort is an island of unparalleled beauty, run by the Wilton Group, and has a steady stream of tourists visiting for their holiday. However, they are not only for the view, but also for another special purpose - to play the game of shooting and killing zombies. These zombies are the only remaining captives in the last human-corpse world war, and many people go with the mentality of revenge for their loved ones. Melanie is one of them, but her trip was not going well. Due to terrorism, the island's defense system collapsed, and thousands of zombies rushed out of the cage, instantly occupying the island, and frantically foraging for tourists. During their desperate escape, Melanie and her party discovered a more terrifying conspiracy. 
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The Rezort quotes

  • Lewis Evans: seriously fuck this island

  • Lewis Evans: Who the fuck made you the man?

    Archer: You. When you decided to follow me.

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