The Road Home evaluation action

2022-03-18 08:01
The film was shot with beautiful scenery and vivid colors. The reality is expressed in black and white, and the memory is expressed in color. The cold reality of the present tense is in sharp contrast with the good memories of the past tense, while the persistent love of the heroine falls in the beautiful woods and the winding mountain road, in almost painful despair, Waiting for love. The story is placed in a space that is almost isolated from the world, and the beauty of the natural environment adds color to the love of the film. No matter in terms of scenes, stories, performances and even soundtracks, Zhang Yimou is technically more mature as a director. No matter how much Zhang Yimou purifies the love between "my father" and "my mother", and no matter how colorful and poetic he depicts the past years, he still shows strong nostalgia in the film.   .
Zhang Yimou's films not only show the original impulse in the expression of eroticism, but also involve the celebration of beautiful emotions. "My Father and Mother" is the original representative. Zhang Yimou hides the critical edge in his thoughts, washes away his reflection on nationality, and uses fresh prose to describe the delicate love psychology of women, and moves the audience with true feelings. The appeal of the whole film is built entirely around Zhao Di's first love, through the shy smile on her face, the brilliance when she puts on a red dress, the embarrassment that she wants to say no to her husband, and the gesture of running in the field again and again. It expresses the image of a girl who is enveloped in love. Although the film tells a rural story from a long time ago, the characters are in the same state as the audience after they meet love, so they are universally resonated   .
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  • Rudy 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    Say quiet to our anxious youth, wait for our restless hearts, calm down to our young girls' hearts, which should be yours or yours. Also Zhang Ziyi is really good

  • Wiley 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    2000 Berlin Jury Prize. 1. A love story that is full of local flavor and belongs to the older generation. It is simple and romantic, with waiting, waiting and pursuit as the main theme. The presentation of traditional handicrafts such as bowls and cloth weaving has also become the focus. 2. The combination of Zhang Ziyi's drama and the natural, unrefined performance greatly enhances the look and feel of the film. 3. Laomouzi's use of color is amazing: breaking the convention to depict the present with low-contrast black and white images, and presenting flashbacks/the past with high-saturation colors, reflecting the beauty and preciousness of the past. Gold and yellow become the main tones in the flashback (the other tone is the snow white of winter), which is as tearful as the golden years in memory. 4. The melody of the theme music is very beautiful, and the style is similar to the soundtrack of [Braveheart], which is lyrical enough to evoke strong nostalgia and nostalgia. 5. The background of the cruel era that was almost hidden, or it also showed the traces of the transformation of the national teacher, and when it came to [Hero], the turning point finally appeared. 6. The English title "The Road Home" has different angles and is interesting. (9.0/10)

The Road Home quotes

  • Zhao Di, Young: I'll be waiting for you.

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