The Scarlet Letter movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
Hester Prynne was punished by the Calvinists Authority for committing adultery and stood on an ancient torture stand wearing a red "A" symbolizing adultery on her chest. In her hands she held the evidence of this sin: a baby only a few months old. Under merciless gazes, she rejected the demands of a young priest, Arthur Dimmesdale, to confess and confess to an accomplice. After being punished, Hester took up residence in a small hut outside the city, far from the crowd, where she made a living by sewing and caring carefully for her daughter, Pearl. At this time, Hester's husband came to the United States. With hatred he changed his name to Roger Chillingworth, and as a doctor, he secretly visited the accomplice who had committed adultery with Hester. So he did everything possible to get close to the priest, slandering, sneering, and constantly mentally tormenting the priest. In order to make Dimmesdale escape from her husband's shadow, Hester is determined to take her daughter and run away with him, but Roger finds out that the plan fails. And the fear of Roger and the torment of concealing his guilt made Dimmesdale's health go from bad to worse. Finally, on the eve of leaving the world, in front of all the church members, he took Hester and their daughter Pearl onto the yoke, and exchanged deep repentance at the cost of his life for a new moral life   .
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  • Teagan 2022-03-18 09:01:10

    It's been a long time since I watched the movie, and I almost forgot Gary Oldman, the perverted policeman who used to be in "This Killer is Not Too Cold", and the sensitive Beethoven's eternal love in "Immortal True Love" (Taiwan) and The British Prime Minister of "Darkest Hour" and the wily spy chief of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"... The film depicts the love of men and women in pursuit of freedom in barbarous times, while the so-called strict rules and regulations suppress humanity and passion. touch. Her love affair with the pastor started when she was still married. The pastor said, the first time we met, you didn't tell me you were married, and she retorted without hesitation: You didn't say you were a pastor either. If her husband dies, they also need to wait until after mourning and must prove that her husband is dead before they can remarry; at this time, she is facing the crime of adultery, and facing rumors of pregnancy, she is willing to take risks and face moral judgment, She said nothing of her lover's name, preferring to be sentenced; her husband, rumored to have been killed by the Indians, was released when she was humiliatingly forced to wear the red A letter symbolizing fornication. In the movie, she fought unrelentingly for the right to love

  • Madilyn 2022-03-18 09:01:10

    Demi Moore is so beautiful. The understanding of the characters deviates from the original, but I prefer the understanding and expression in the movie, which is more humane

The Scarlet Letter quotes

  • Pearl: [voiceover] Who is to say what is a sin in God's eyes.

  • Hester Prynne: [the elder is about to pin the A on her blousse] Why do you wait? Put it on, for it is not a badge of my sin but your own.

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