The Sheltering Sky evaluation action

2022-03-17 08:01
"The Sheltering Sky" is not the best of all the director's works, but the last third of the film was shot by Bertolucci, and the ultimate beauty in the desert was collected by his shots. The artistic power and ideological connotation of the film are also in the latter third. This third makes people feel a kind of heart-wrenching pain and oppressive pain. It is a bloody revelation. There is something more uncomfortable than death here. It feels like a place that is always soaked in blood. The wound is impossible to forget. The finer points of the film are still Kit, who lives a heart-wrenching and pitiful life. "The Sheltering Sky" is like "cut" double eyelids, living together, both knife marks and beautiful   .
The Sheltering Sky shows the failure of trying to surpass effort. The film has no past history, or rather the nihilism of wanting to get rid of history. Everything is an expression: an attempt to transcend society, time and space, to change the trajectory of personal destiny and history, and finally all efforts are in vain   .
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  • Verdie 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    #1080p# "Because we don't know when death will come... We regard life as an endless source of arbitrary waste. However, the vicissitudes of life are always limited in life. Childhood, afternoon, and lingering human affairs in life , How many of these afternoons can you recall? Maybe four or five, maybe not so many, how many times have you seen the sunrise and moon set in your life? Maybe twenty times, but people feel that everything can be squandered. "

  • Sammy 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Because we don't know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Things happen only a certain number of time. And a small number, really.

The Sheltering Sky quotes

  • Tunner: Do you think, uh, Port suspects something?

    Kit Moresby: I think he knows, but he doesn't know that he knows.

  • Kit Moresby: According to Port, everyone eventually gets used to anything.

    Tunner: If that were true, it would be the end of progress.

    Kit Moresby: No, I'm sure it's true. I just don't know whether it's good or bad.

    Port Moresby: Neither.

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