The Storm Riders movie plot

2022-02-26 08:02
The world will help the lord Xiongba to gain the world, so he asks the gods to calculate the mud bodhisattva for him. The mud bodhisattva predicts the first half of his life to Xiongba: "The golden scale is not a thing in the pool, and it will turn into a dragon when it meets the situation." So Xiongba ordered two people to find him. The children were accepted as apprentices, and their birthdates should be in line with the instructions of the Ni Bodhisattva, so as to help the tyrants build their foundation. These two children are Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun, the "wind and clouds" pointed by the mud bodhisattva. Nie Feng's father, Nie Renwang, fought a duel with Xiongba in Lingyun Cave in order to win back his wife Yan Ying. Yan Ying committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, while Nie Renwang died in the giant beast Fire Qilin. Bu Jingyun is the only son of Bu Qingtian. Bu Qingtian got a peerless sword, but was ordered by Xiongba to annihilate Bujiazhuang, Jingyun survived, and decided to go to Xiongba's family, waiting for an opportunity to avenge his father. Feng, Yun and the elder brother Qin Shuang and Xiongba's daughter - the smart and beautiful Kong Ci gradually grew up, Xiongba gave the three disciples different martial arts, the world will become more and more powerful, almost dominating the martial arts, only Juggernaut can match Xiongba. The ten-year agreement between Xiongba and Juggernaut is also approaching. The Mud Bodhisattva revealed to him that the Persian treasure box of the prophecy for the second half of his life could not be opened, and Xiongba was very upset about it, so he sent his eldest disciples Qin Shuang and Nie Feng to look for the fire monkey, because to find the mud bodhisattva, you must first grab the fire monkey. People in the rivers and lakes who want to find fire monkeys are not only domineering, so there is a battle for fire monkeys in the martial arts.
At the same time, Bu Jingyun went to Wushuang City to capture Wushuang Sword for Xiongba. Qin Shuang and Nie Feng finally found the mud bodhisattva, but the mud bodhisattva was snatched away by the man in black pretending to be Xiongba on the way back to the World Association. He forced the Mud Bodhisattva to open the Persian treasure box, which contained a scroll. It was written: "The dragon's roar in the sky is changing, and the wind and clouds will swim in shallow water." Feng is very affectionate, but on the other hand, she is deeply attracted by Bu Jingyun's arrogant, withdrawn and weird personality, and secretly has an affair with Bu Jingyun. Kong Ci is emotionally hovering between the two brothers. Unexpectedly, Xiongba wanted to change his life against the sky and secretly plan to deal with Feng and Yun. He knew that Bu Jingyun loved Kong Ci deeply, but he agreed to marry Kong Ci to Nie Feng. Kong Ci was powerless to resist and became a tool for the hegemonic power struggle.
On the night of the wedding, Bu Jingyun was overwhelmed by the excitement and wanted to break with the tyrant and vowed to take Kong Ci away. Xiongba took the opportunity to kill his own daughter Kong Ci by mistake. Bu Jingyun was heartbroken and left with Kong Ci's body. Because of the pain of losing his daughter and the masters in the house, Xiongba will not be held accountable for the time being, and he will see the clouds away. The next day, Nie Feng took the bat and Ma Ying to Lingyun Grotto to collect blood Bodhi. Fragments of childhood memories made Nie Feng in pain. At the same time, the bat and Ma Ying revealed their true colors. It turned out that Xiongba ordered the two to poison Nie Feng in the water. The three of them fought in the cave, and the fire unicorn suddenly appeared, tearing the bat and the hawk to pieces. Nie Feng hurriedly devoured the blood bodhi to detoxify and strengthen his skills, and used the snow drink mad knife left by his father Nie Renwang in the cave to fight against the giant beast, and finally avenged his father.
On the other side, Xiongba finally found Bu Jingyun and wanted to kill him. Xiongba caught up with Bu Jingyun, but Bu Jingyun was defeated. When he was in a critical situation, he broke his arm and used his blood to fight against Xiongba, and finally escaped. The genius doctor Yu Yu and Chu Chu rescued Bu Jingyun and gave him a unicorn arm, and Bu Jingyun's martial arts went a step further. Bu Jingyun and Nie Fengbing released their previous suspicions and joined hands to kill the enemy and enter the world together. 
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  • Leanna 2022-04-24 07:01:24

    Saw it quite early. . I think the writer is pretty good. . Love triangle hehe. .

  • Joanny 2022-04-24 07:01:24

    It exudes a strange sensuality, filled with inexplicable lines. . . Every star hurried through a cutscene and it was over

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