The Trial movie plot

2022-03-13 08:01
K, a small employee in a company, was shaken by police officer A when he had a strange dream one day. A declares K guilty, but does not say what crime K has committed. A implies that K is having an affair with the prostitute next door and takes his shirt with his assistant. K was released, but he will be tried at any time. The people around K began to be wary of him. K was taken away by A again while watching a play in the theater. He made a big argument in court that he was innocent and that a huge organization was in control. But K found that the audience was all officials, and he left the courtroom. K's uncle helped him get a barrister to defend him, and the lawyer's mistress seduced K and told him that the lawyer and the judge were on the same page and that he should be more tactful. K was tried again and he couldn't bear it any longer. And it seemed that it was all in a strange dream that he hadn't finished that day   .
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Extended Reading
  • Dennis 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Suffering from no subtitles. Mostly loyal to the original work, although it is Wells' work, it may be due to the relationship between the times, the whole film is full of strong Eastern European style

  • Esmeralda 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Unimaginable admiration, I am afraid Welles is the closest copywriter to Kafka. In fact, human alienation is only one pole of Kafka's work, which also points to the chaotic structure of bureaucratic society. The studio is the perfect metaphor, a room in the movie that is claustrophobic on the one hand, and completely transparent on the other, watched by countless eyes. The space is as chaotic as The Shining, behind each door is a random microscopic part of the social structure, I can't imagine the storage room in the male protagonist's office area, which will be doubled as a punishment bureaucracy, it is simply Wells' room 237. Another of Welles' wisdom is to make the hero have a self-destructive intelligence. The protagonist of Kafka's works is definitely not a stylized and absolutely passive victim of society, but an infected patient who has given up treatment in a plague-ridden world, a combination of victim, accomplice and communicator; K is reluctant. In the case of becoming an accomplice in his own ending, he can't be superman, and he will never give up being superman, so he accuses the outside world that is accompanied by the same degree of self-denial.

The Trial quotes

  • Miss Burstner: Oh, Jesus, all that lousy national champagne! You know what they make it of?

    Joseph K.: No.

    Miss Burstner: Neither does anybody else. No switching with the cold tea either. Not tonight. The customer knew all about that one. He kept taking cute little sips out of my glass just to make sure I was getting myself putrefied.

  • Joseph K.: It's never any use, is it, apologizing? It's even worse when you haven't done anything wrong and still feel guilty. I can remember my father looking at me, you know, straight in the eye. "Come on, boy," he'd say. "Exactly what have you been up to?" And even when I hadn't been up to anything at all, I'd still feel guilty. You know that feeling? And the teacher, making the announcement when something was missing from her desk. "All right. Who's the guilty one?" It was me, of course. I'd feel just *sick* with guilt. And I didn't even know what was missing. Maybe - yeah, that must be it. Unless your thoughts are innocent: 100%. Can that be said of anybody? Even the saints have temptations.

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