Tin Star movie plot

2022-04-03 08:01
The story takes place in the picturesque Canadian Rockies generation, in a remote small village, inhabited by Jim (Tim Roth) and his family. In the small town, the network is simple and the folk customs are simple. In the huge and chaotic world, it is like a paradise full of happiness and tranquility.
However, this tranquility finally ushered in the day when it was broken. The establishment of an oil refinery allowed a large number of foreigners to enter the town, followed by the establishment and operation of a drug and pornographic network. Jim stubbornly resisted all of this, but he never thought that his actions would bring death to his family. And all this is inextricably linked with Mrs. Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks), the black hand behind the scenes. Family is Jim's bottom line. When this bottom line is touched, his hidden dark personality and dark past begin to surface gradually   .
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  • Bulah 2022-04-03 08:01:01

    The first episode is still a bit tepid, but the final scene is really a bit of a reversal. I expect the male protagonist to kill the Quartet~~~~ Personal evaluation: B+ >

  • Godfrey 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    Teenagers are idiots

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