Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast movie plot

2022-07-20 17:41
Never Island Beast Saga is the sixth film in the Tinker Bell series of animated films, starring the animal fairy Fangwen. Tinkerbell's friend Fang Wen meets the powerful and mysterious Never Beast and becomes friends with it. But the other fairies do not approve of Never Beast, and the detective led by the Knicks
Fairy Cha even took the Never Beast as an ominous sign of harming Fairy Valley. Faced with all this, what should Fangwen do?
Never Beast will be awakened by a comet every 1000 years and then build 4 towers on each of the four seasons map of Elf Valley
The purpose is to attract thunder and lightning to eliminate the cataclysm once in 1000 years for the Elf Valley (green clouds surround the Elf Valley and release the lightning enough to destroy the Elf Valley) Never Beast finally saves the Elf Valley after all kinds of hardships, but when he completes the task it will sleep for another 1000 year! Never Beast is the hero who saves the Elf Valley! The ending is so touching! (Good bye my friend)
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Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast quotes

  • Fawn: [after hearing an ominous growl coming from a cave] Come on, Fawn, listen to your head. Heart gets you in trouble, head is your friend. And yet, head is making me talk to myself, out loud, in the forest. No, no, no. Model citizen. Starting first thing tomorrow.

  • [last lines]

    Fawn: Hey, big guy. I-I won't see you again, but I know you'll always be there when we need you. I'm really gonna miss you. I love you, Gruff.

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