Titus movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
The great general of the Roman Empire, Titus Antoncas, fought a long war with the Goths, in the end all but his four sons were killed, but they were victorious. The eldest son Lucius reminded his father that there should be sacrifices made by enemy prisoners in the ceremony to celebrate the victory. Titus took his son's advice and chose Tamora's eldest son as a sacrifice from among the captured Gothic queen Tamora and her three sons. Tamora, who lost her son, vowed to get revenge on Titus. Titus was very loyal to the Roman Empire. The new emperor was debauched and corrupt. His ascension to the throne was not in the interests of the Titus family and his friends, but Titus remained loyal to him. However, the emperor later married Tamora as his queen, which greatly alarmed Titus. A heated argument broke out in the Titus family, and Titus, out of control, killed one of his sons during the argument. But he didn't know that the waves of revenge that Tamora had set off had only just begun.
During a hunt, Tamora's old general, Aaron, designed the murder of Titus' son-in-law, the emperor's brother, Basianas, and blamed Titus' two sons. In his rage, the emperor decided to behead two of Titus' sons and exile his eldest son Lucius. At this time, Aaron appeared in front of Titus and said that if Titus could cut off one of his hands and give it to the emperor, he would be able to exchange the lives of his two sons. Titus did what he said, but what he didn't expect in exchange was the severed heads of his two sons. An angry Titus vowed to avenge his sons, he asked his exiled son Lucius to go to the Goths to hoard an army that could rival the Roman emperor, waiting for revenge. At this time, Aaron, who has always been very heartfelt to Tamora, betrayed Tamora, because Tamorra brutally ordered Aaron to kill her illegitimate child born to Aaron. Aaron fled Rome with his son and went to Lucius.
In front of the Romans in the whole city, Titus pretended to be crazy and sold stupidly, and Tamora, who did not know the inside story, was very proud of Titus' tragic situation. But soon she heard the news that Lucius led a Gothic army to Rome. Tamora sent people to get rid of Titus, but they failed. Instead, the two sons were captured for Titus, and he himself got into the trap carefully designed by Titus. 
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  • Fabian 2022-03-17 08:01:01

    The first 50 minutes were too bright, and the back was not strong enough, which is a pity.

  • Avis 2022-03-17 09:01:10

    The combination of modern and ancient weird movies, but I really like the heavy taste. I support the Queen's family. After all, it is the son of the old man who kills the family first.

Titus quotes

  • Tamora: Away with her.

  • Demetrius: Chiron, thy years wants wit, thy wit wants edge and manners, to intrude where I am graced, and may for aught thou knowest, affected be.

    Chiron: Demetrius, thou dost overween it all and so in this, to bare me down with braves. 'Tis not the difference of a year or two makes me less gracious or thee more fortunate. I am as able and as fit as thou to serve and deserve my mistress' grace, and that my sword upon thee shall approve. And plead my passions for Lavinia's love.

    Aaron: [to the camera] Clubs, clubs! These lovers will not keep the peace.

    Demetrius: [to Chiron] Why, boy, although our mother, unadvised gave you a dancing rapier by your side are you so desprite grown to threat your friends? Go to! Have your lath glued within your sheath till you know better how to handle it.

    Chiron: Meanwhile, sir, with the little skill I have full well shalt thou perceive how much i dare.

    Demetrius: Ay, boy, grow ye so brave?

    [they draw]

    Aaron: [Aaron stops them] How now, lords! Here in the emperor's palace dare you draw and maintain such a quarrel openly? Full well I wot the ground of all this grudge. I would not for a million of gold the cause were known to them it most concerns. Nor would your noble mother for much more be so dishonored in the cort of Rome. For shame, put up.

    Demetrius: Not till I have sheathed my rapier in his bosom and withal thrust those reproachful speeches down his throat that he hath breathed in my dishonor here.

    Chiron: For that I am prepared and full resolved. Foul-spoken coward, that thunderest with thy tongue and with thy weapon nothing darest perform.

    Aaron: Away, I say! Now, by the gods that warlike Goths adore, this petty brabble will undo us all. Why, lords, think you not how dangerous it is to step upon a prince's right? What, is Lavinia then become so loose or Bassianus so degenerate that for her love such quarrels may be broached without controlment, justice, or revenge? Young lords, beware. And should the empress know this discord's ground, the music would not please.

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