Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation movie plot

2022-10-24 16:46
The annual holiday is approaching, and the toys' little owner Bonnie (voiced by Emily Hahn) will go on vacation with her parents. For Andy (John Morris voiced by John Morris), this is a rare opportunity to relax, and they have their own holiday plans, and the happy atmosphere permeates the room. Of course, Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) and Barbie (Jodi Benson) also plan a romantic trip, and they plan to follow their little master to Hawaii State for a vacation. But Ken made a serious mistake and the two ended up being left in the room. Ken, who had already prepared meticulously, was heartbroken. Andy and the others were sympathetic to Ken's intentions and decided to realize Ken and Barbie's dream of a romantic vacation in Hawaii State. 
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Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation quotes

  • [the toys watch Ken and Barbie kiss out in the snow]

    Mrs. Potato Head: How romantic.

    Mr. Potato Head: Yeah, until they fall off the deck.

    [Ken and Barbie fall through the snow]

    Hamm: I'll get the shovel.

  • Mr. Pricklepants: [to Barbie and Ken] Dinner is served.

    [the Squeaky Toy Aliens come up, providing the dinner: a huge pork with an apple in its mouth, played by Hamm]

    Hamm: [spits out apple] I should've seen this coming.

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