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2022-03-21 08:01
Adrianwas supposed to live happily in her hometown, laughing and running in the sun like other teenage girls of the same age. But since Adrian was forcibly taken away by two burly men who jumped out of a car, all the happiness has gone away from her, and only pain and torture have accompanied her. At the age of 13, after being kidnapped by human traffickers in Mexico City, she was taken to this underground world at the border of Mexico and the United States, trapped in a huge "sex slave" Trade network controlled by an international criminal organization. , became one of the millions of "goods" transiting here. Adrian spends her days in panic and intimidation, and the only thing she finds comforting is her friendship with Veronica, a man who subtly infiltrates a sex trade market controlled by the same criminal organization. The Polish woman who is looking for the insider protects Adrian through all kinds of ordeals from beginning to end.
As for Adriana's 17-year-old brother, George, who has frantically scoured every inch of Mexico City since his sister was kidnapped and disappeared, when he finally deftly hides from immigration officials And unimaginable obstacles, after getting the information of the criminal who kidnapped his sister, he took the information he had and rushed into the Texas Police Department, where he met Officer Ray. What George did not expect was that Lei became his most reliable helper in finding his sister, because Lei also had a similar experience. After his daughter was captured by the same criminal organization, there was no news from then on, as if she had evaporated from this world. Like it, it may be sold to any corner of the earth.
With the support of courage and faith, Ray and George finally found the sex trade "passage" between the United States and Mexico, right by the Rio Grande, and even entered the top secret sex slave auction, tracking When it came to Adrian's whereabouts, they had to rescue her before she was sold, or she risked disappearing forever into the brutal underground sex trade, like Ray's daughter, because that's a very few survivors. Horror zone   .
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    Movies with realistic themes and good symbolism

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    In 2003, journalist and author Peter Landisman spent five months digging deep into Mexico City's most secluded alleys, revealing some little-known reports about "sex slaves", and he was the first to reveal the secretive and terrifying criminal network of women and children sex trafficking. When I saw a trading scene in the grass halfway through the film, those timing watches... and those people actually dared to shout God bless. I

Trade quotes

  • Jorge: [about the diner pedophile] Password. That's what the guy gave you in the bathroom.

    Ray Sheridan: Yeah. He bought that kid on the internet. He was the highest bidder. Flew him all the way from Thailand, he paid $25,000. That's how it works.

  • Ray Sheridan: We got two possibilities here, okay? There's cops out there. If you like, we can go out there, and we can let them handle this whole thing, and you know, they love guys like you. Or, you and me can handle this just between us. Okay?

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