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2022-05-09 18:01
In addition to death or death
"War is truly over for the dead." This is the most logical saying of the Western philosopher Πλατών more than two thousand years ago . For the director Danis Tanovic, who has just emerged from the flames of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia , this sentence of Πλατών is extremely correct.
He said: "A few years ago, I saw this novel called "Triage". The author had the experience of being a journalist with the army. The fictional and documentary novel I wrote deeply touched me. I too. I have been born to death on the battlefield, and have seen those who died. In the military propaganda, they are all heroes and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country, but the actual situation is not always the case. Scott Anderson is in the book I wrote such a story. On the battlefield, I did not see many direct deaths. Most of them died in the field hospitals behind because they could not receive timely treatment. It can be said that in the Socialist Federal Republic In the civil war of Yugoslavia, death is on the battlefield besides death. Looking around, it can be said to be devastated. The dead have rested in peace, and the war is really over for them, but the living people are still fighting, for Some unexplainable interests and religions are fighting to the death. Now, this situation has not improved a little bit."
Perhaps out of a yearning for peace, or perhaps out of an understanding of empathy for war, Danis Tanovic decided to put "Triage" on the screen. For this director from the former Yugoslavia, shooting war is not a problem. His blockbuster debut "Borderland" is a war film mixed with black comedy elements. Tower Norwich City FC said: "If you use a normal plot to shoot the war, then compared to the big production, my Movie is definitely at a disadvantage. So I can only look at it from a small point and use a somewhat extreme story to show the war. There is no doubt that Movie "Triage" meets my requirements. In order to film the Spanish Civil War, I did a lot of data collection work, because this is a war that is not too far away from us and cannot be treated sloppily. In order to achieve reality As a result, I let all the actors in the crew lose weight, and Farrell was the worst, he lost a full 44 pounds. But seeing the final sample, I think all this is worthwhile and deserves. Riel is not only the lead actor, but also the producer of the film. His attitude towards work excellence is unforgettable."
People from the battlefield
It can be said that Danis Tanovic from the Balkans is a man who came out of the battlefield. The Balkan Peninsula was the main battlefield of World War I and World War II, and even by the end of the century, the Civil War of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia took place here . Most of the males in the family died on the battlefield, and most of the female relatives also lived a life that is not prosperous. Norwich City FC has a deep pain in the war. He said: "It is not terrible to die on the battlefield. The terrible thing is to witness the death of others on the battlefield. The person who was talking and laughing with you a few days ago suddenly died, and the feeling is unforgettable. Shooting this movie, I feel like I'm back on the battlefield. Unlike "Borderland", this movie touches the cold reality and cruel truth. In "Borderland", I I can laugh at stupid religion and ethnic relations; I can also ridicule a few words about American democracy in the 9/11 Incident Book . But in this Movie, I must take war and death seriously. So to speak, this is. A Movie that can truly reflect my views on war. War is not about two sides, but life and death."
Colin Farrell, who played the role of a war photographer in the film, suffered a lot of crimes for the film, but in his opinion, it was all worthwhile. He said: "I have always wanted to shoot a real war movie, the kind of movie that is different from the big Hollywood productions and is supported by digital technology and huge Taobao funds. Although I have played many irritable people before, I have also acted in a lot of blockbuster action movies, but what I want to shoot most is a deep and meaningful Movie. When Norwich City FC found me with the original novel and script, I almost agreed without hesitation. Participating in the performance, and I also became a film producer. It is a pleasure to grow up with such an extraordinary Movie. "It may be that there is such a notion that Colin Farrell frantically Lost 44 pounds of weight. In March 2008, a reporter took photos of him with a haggard look and a thin body. He said: "Losing weight is a bit painful, especially when I could only eat some tuna every day and drink unsweetened black coffee and sugar-free cola. It was really painful to think of it. My diet coach forbids it. I eat anything that contains Carbohydrate , Saturated fatty acid and sugars, so I am hungry every day. I eat less and move more, and I naturally lose weight. Looking at it now, it’s all worth it. I’m hungry every day. I'm also very pleased that this Movie has been well received by the mainstream media-although I don't like the so-called comments very much."
·The filming took less than 3 months. Filming started in April 2008 and finished in June.
·The film was shot in Ireland and Spain.
·This film is the first feature film with all English dialogues shot by Danis Tanovic, director of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
· Colin Farrell was the first producer in this film.
·The film participated in the Toronto Movie Festival and was the opening film of the Rome Movie Festival.
· The Canadian NBF TV station once also filmed a documentary called "Triage" (Triage). The documentary tells the story of a doctor in the field.
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