Triple Threat movie plot

2022-04-16 08:01
In the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia, Long Fei (Chen Hu) is participating in a secret mission with his partner Pa Yu (Tony Jia), cooperating with an assault team to carry out humanitarian aid , but unexpectedly, what they desperately rescued is a doer. Collins (Scott Adkins) is a terrifying crime boss. After Collins was rescued, he locked all the insiders in the dungeon of the secret base and exploded it before leaving. Long Fei and Pa Yu escaped at the juncture of life and death.
The two who escaped from life secretly plotted revenge, but they were not the only ones who wanted revenge. The wife of Zaka (Iko Uwais) died innocently in this operation. Zaka met Long Fei in the underground boxing gym. Mistaking him for the murderer, he fought to the death, but lost due to injuries and was knocked unconscious by Long Fei.
Long Fei and Pa Yu kindly took Zhaka to the residence to rest, and the three of them had a good time over wine. Unexpectedly, Zhaka disappeared early the next morning, but the heavily armed police came to the door. It turned out that Zhaka reported them for participating in the underground fistfight. Said, the two were taken to the police station and locked up.
Tian Xiaoxian (Lu Jingshan), the heiress of a wealthy Chinese businessman, came to Mahazaya to promote the slum renovation plan, but her plan violated the interests of local gangsters and was hunted down. Tian Xiaoxian was forced to flee to the police station. Instead of a safe place, Collins raided the police station with his mercenaries, putting Tian Xiaoxian in danger again. Long Fei, who happened to be imprisoned in the police station, saw through the gang's strategy and led Tian Xiaoxian to escape with Pa Yu.
The gang bloodbathed the police station, and then framed Long Fei and Pa Yu. In desperation, Long Fei and Pa Yu had to take Tian Xiaoxian to start their escape. Because of the high bounty of the gang, the three have nowhere to hide, and at this time Zaka also joined Collins' team, and the enemy and friend are unknown. Along the adventure, Tian Xiaoxian established a relationship of trust with Long Fei and Pa Yu, and Zhaka also discovered that the evil forces that hunted down Long Fei and Pa Yu were secretly controlled by a woman surnamed Su, who was his real enemy.
At the moment of the decisive battle, Zaka joined Long Fei's camp, and the three joined forces to fight against the all-armed Collins group. 
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  • Athena 2022-04-19 09:03:20

    The plot feeds the dog, and the fighting scenes are ranked: 1 Tony Jia. 2 Ah Jins, 3 Wuaisi, 4 Yaning, 5 White, 6 Chen Hu... Chen Hu's martial arts want to promote martial arts, but it is far-fetched and soft. The acting still hasn't improved.

  • Iva 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    It's amazing that key people can always dodge bullets easily; Amazon Video and Netflix are both online and some of the scenes are more bloody than Operation Red Sea

Triple Threat quotes

  • Payu: Less talk, just die.

  • Collins: This Place reminds me of Boy Scout Camp. A bunch of assholes there as well.

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