Uncle Drew evaluation action

2022-04-05 08:01
"Uncle Drew" is a comedy film that makes the audience happy, a sports film that ignites passion, and a philosophical film that provokes thinking. It does not confuse mysteries or metaphors, but uses the most refined sports language to convey The simplest yet most precious philosophy of life. Kyrie Andrew Irving incarnates Uncle Drew in the film, with gorgeous skills like butterflies wearing flowers, without any special effects, pure basketball skills are pleasing to the eye   .
Some viewers said that through the wonderful and gratifying performances of the basketball superstars in the film, the audience can not only see the mental process of the growth of the characters, but also savor how the streetball masters on the court challenge the limits of age and body, get rid of the The shackles of identity, so as to resolve the unresolved knot for many years, join hands to return to the battlefield again, and jointly interpret the immortal legend of the basketball spirit   . ( Review
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Uncle Drew quotes

  • Preacher: I just came from Hell whipping the Devil's ass.

  • Boots: We don't stop playing because we get old , We get old because we stop playing

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