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2022-03-19 08:01
The film took two and a half years from the start to the completion, which can be regarded as a finely crafted work under the circumstance that a film is often completed in a few months in modern times. Among the many action movies and horror movies about zombies, this one is very good. It is a bit similar to Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson's work when he first debuted, and it is also full of blood and black humor. Compared to another zombie action movie, House Of The Dead, this one is more detailed, with more terrifying zombies than just plain disgusting.
The image of the protagonist is also quite cool, as you can see from the poster. This film is also like Resident Evil and other films. At first, it fell into the horror of being chased and blocked by zombies, and then under the leadership of someone, it launched a counterattack and killed enough zombies happily. And the scene of shooting zombies in the film is also very nice, and the intensity of the scene is not inferior to that of Resident Evil. It can be seen that both the actors and the director of this film are unknown. This is an Australian film. It also produces Lionsgate, which often produces small-scale films, especially horror films.
The three protagonists in the film are still more prominent: the brave heroine, the character in the poster who acts as a vanguard and a chattering policeman. The basic tone of the film is blue, which can set off the atmosphere of the film well, and the music also leaves a deep impression on people. In addition, the special effects of the film are also done very well. There are not too many very dazzling special effects, but each special effect is very realistic.
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  • Aniyah 2022-03-19 08:01:02

    Overall it's a bad movie, but the three-pack rifle that pulls the wind is memorable.

  • Berenice 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Crap continues. . . Overweight Australian Voice

Undead quotes

  • Alien #1: [to other Alien without suit] Put you clothes back on.

    Alien #2: I'm comfortable with who I am.

  • Marion: One day you're out on your boat and you get attacked by zombie fish, they munch at your face, like you're the main course at an all you can eat crazy country boy buffet. You walk away, tell the town your story; they think you're mad. Everyone thinks you're mad, you think I'm mad. It happens again, this time it's not zombie fish it's zombie Berkeley. But this time I'm prepared, I'm ready to fight whatever they can throw at me. Still i wasn't strong enough, the strongest ones are always the last ones left; if that's not me, it must be you. If that was the case you wouldn't have battled the undead and lived. You'd be the entree at a smorgasboard of brainfood.

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