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2022-04-09 08:01
At first glance, the film seems to be influenced by "The Sixth Sense of Spirituality", which is a bit mysterious, but when the audience watches it with similar expectations, they will find that there is no mysterious hidden behind the peaceful life. What is shown is just how a woman overcomes this sudden spiritual crisis and slowly and painfully accepts the fact of bereavement.
The director categorically rejected the use of sensational and dramatic ways to present Mary's mental journey, but used a bland and restrained style to truly reproduce the pain of her soul. He captures seemingly unconnected snippets of Mary's daily life and keenly captures how these trifles remind her of her husband and sink into melancholy. Although the film tries to downplay the intense contradictions and conflicts, the director's nuanced psychological analysis and sympathetic narration still impress the audience. Through that kind of life-like presentation, the audience can easily think of themselves. The rich details in the film not only successfully rendered the atmosphere and portrayed the emotions, but also, under the director's handling, were perfectly integrated into the development of the plot without being tedious and complicated.
Ou Rong looks mature and atmospheric in this film. The flamboyant and rough personality and subversive power in his previous works have been replaced by a quiet, simple and restrained style, which is more refined and subtle, but it seems less than before. Some impact and sharpness.
The Legend's performance is the focal point of the entire film. It's almost a one-man show, and she appears in almost every scene of the film and becomes the key to supporting the film. Rampling's acting skills are superb. She was completely immersed in Mary's grief, and showed every trace of Mary's emotional fluctuations through body language and expressions, vividly portraying the woman's repressed pain, spiritual trauma and hard work to heal the trauma. When she reads Virginia Woolf's "The Wave" aloud, her voiceless intonation and sad expression reveal that her fragile heart is tormented by associations with her husband. One scene is particularly moving   .
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  • Antonina 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    The first scene of the film, "Couples go to the bathroom and drink coffee in a coffee vending machine shop", pays homage to George Sluizer's "Mysterious Disappearance" in 1988, so that it becomes clear that the focus is not on "solving the disappearance of the husband". On the puzzle", but on "the heroine's psychological changes after her husband disappears". Charlotte Rampling's performance is remarkable.

  • Eldon 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    It belongs to Ou Rong to play normally. Very beautiful and seductive melodrama. Such a story should be more pleasing in the year it was released, and Hollywood movies with similar themes/stories also exploded in those years. But Ou Rong was the only one who made such a story feel like Hitchcock (reminiscent of "Vertigo", although it was a hundred and eight thousand miles away). The different forms of water refer to different images and emotions, and are linked to the psychological changes of the characters. Ou Rong is indeed very good at borrowing the abstract intentions of objects. The only thing that I feel is lacking is the few scenes before the end, from the beginning of the mother to the sight of the body, the emotions are a bit too strong. However, the "Back to the Beach" at the end pulled back from the strange feeling, and it was wonderful.

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  • Marie Drillon: I am his wife, and I'm telling you, this is *not* him!

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