Up Close & Personal movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
Tully (Michelle Marie Pfeiffer Michelle Pfeiffer) is an ordinary waitress, but she has always had a dream of becoming an announcer. How much she wanted her dream to come true, so she sent the video of her cheerleading performance to the TV station. She thought that the other party would not be interested in her, but she was still willing to try.
Things are beyond her imagination, she is not only hired by the TV station, but also mentored by veteran reporter Warren (Robert Redford Robert Redford). Tully was underwhelming when she first aired the weather news, but she was encouraged and learned from Warren very hard. Finally, the two fell in love with each other in the time they spent together for a long time. Tully slowly started to work as a reporter, and with the help of Warren, her career developed very smoothly. But things are unpredictable. Warren went to Panama after marriage, but unfortunately was shot in an interview   .
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  • Don 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    No matter the story or the connotation, the characters or the emotions, it is far worse than "The Horse Whisperer", and it is not as good as "The Feelings of the Past". When I watched "Old Times", I thought that Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand didn't have a spark of love, but as a result, this one with Pfeiffer's partner was even more indifferent, and it was even embarrassing to watch them make out. Robert is stable and old-fashioned, and only mature and charming women can build it up.

  • April 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    The rhythm of the films in the 90s is a bit weird, but that's what love is!

Up Close & Personal quotes

  • [Tally proposes marriage to Warren]

    Tally Atwater: I want you around in the morning.

    Warren Justice: You already have me around in the morning. How, I don't know, but you do.

    Tally Atwater: I want to know you're legally required to be there.

  • Tally: When I asked you how long you could stay and you said, 'Long enough,' how long is that? When we're not together...

    Warren: ...Everything shuts down.

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