Vanishing on 7th Street evaluation action

2022-02-07 14:58
To the audience, the name Brad Anderson seems both familiar and unfamiliar. The thriller film lover actually started his directorial career after the age of 30, and only really began to emerge in the 21st century, and in 2004 , a thriller " The Mechanic " (2004), in addition to remembering the scrawny actor Christian Bale, also established Anderson's place in the horror film field, and the TV series "Master of Horror" (2005) gave him an episode time is the proof.
But after that, Anderson seemed to fall in love with the field of television, and he basically wandered in the TV circle, including participating in the director of the famous drama " Fringe " (2008), which made him more popular, which also made his new film " Fringe" (2008). Vanishing on 7th Street gathered the attention of film and television fans, and thus became a highly anticipated new thriller in early 2011. "A thriller with apocalyptic mysteries", Brad Anderson himself positioned his new film, "four main characters wake up in a big American city, step by step to the outside world, to explore why every Everyone disappeared." As for why he chose to make the film, Anderson praised the script, "I read my friend Gaswinsky's script.
I was really immediately interested in the story at the heart of this mysticism, and in this script, he didn't provide a complete explanation of what happened, and he didn't really solve the mystery. I think it's a bold, individual, unconventional attempt. "It is precisely because of this appreciation for the style of swordsmanship that Anderson took on the job of director. He said that in the script, the darkness itself played an important role, its main source of pressure, it is a kind of monster. And how to express The "darkness" monster also became a huge challenge for Anderson. He said that it was this technical challenge that attracted him deeply.
Thriller effects and acting attempts on a limited budget
Especially today, if the audience sees a movie without a clear ending, the probability of scolding is very high, and Brad Anderson is also mentally prepared for this. "Yes, I know that the audience needs more explanations. Undoubtedly, it is quite risky to deal with it now, but it is also our intention to try.",The director tried to bring the mysticism of the film to life so that the audience can have a kind of relationship with the play. The characters are similar, and a sense of imbalance before the truth is discovered, together to experience the process of exploring a huge mysterious event. It seems that Anderson closely linked the film's success or failure to its ability to create a mysterious dark effect. For this reason, he paid special attention to the use of shadows, which he hoped to create an effect similar to clouds in the sky. The special effects of this film were completed by the director's team in New York. In the final effect, they also removed a lot of color effects to make the monochrome effect more prominent, so as to enhance the contrast between light and dark in the film. Anderson believes that this book Under the limited budget of the film, the final special effects are still satisfactory.
As a movie with a limited budget, Anderson is obviously difficult to recruit first-line actors. As the male lead, H, although he became famous in the world at the age of 19 with the role of "Skywalker" in the last two " Prequel " series, his acting skills have since been The career has not taken off, and it has been weak for a long time, with occasional flashes. In this film that focuses on atmosphere, Christensen needs to express a kind of nervous, disturbed and complicated human nature. Judging from the feedback after the film's preview, his performance has been recognized by the media a lot, which is worthy of the film. The point of attention. In terms of actresses, the most famous is Thandie Newton . Although she has played a supporting role for a long time, she is particularly good at playing various female roles. In "2012" (2009) she played the president's daughter, in "Bush" (2008). She has played Secretary of State Wise beside the president. In " The Pursuit of Happyness " (2006), she is going to be a wife and mother again, so this time she will play a mother who is on the verge of collapse because of the missing child. It will be her another interpretation of different female roles challenge.
An Experiment in Open-ended Interpretation of Doomsday Events
" 28 Days Later " (2002), " I Am Legend " (2007), first look at the plot of "Vanishing on 7th Street", movies like the world with only a few survivors left easily come to your mind. However, in Anderson's view, the quality of his film is that it is not an apocalyptic film based on an actual event. The sudden disappearance of a city dweller is not because of a nuclear bomb, not because of the attack of zombies, not because of a virus invasion. In expressing the feeling of doomsday, you can interpret it more openly. Judging from the feedback from the film's preview, the question of whether the unclear ending that Anderson was worried about was accepted did not seem to have caused much criticism and backlash, but there was a lot of dissatisfaction that the film was not scary enough. Anderson's open-ended puzzle It seems difficult to say success or failure of the attempt. For it, I am afraid that the audience needs to try to experience the immersive puzzle atmosphere that Anderson is trying to achieve, and at the same time try to obtain an own explanation for this mysterious event.
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Extended Reading
  • Darian 2022-03-14 14:12:31

    The film seems to want to show people's fear of the dark or the fear of being engulfed by the city. Although the apocalyptic creativity in the film is not original, it is enough to make people shine. Several places are scary enough, the ending is also very good, and the legendary name that appears many times is even more mysterious. However, there are countless bugs in the film, and the literary drama is too bad, so let's watch it fresh.

  • Jane 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    Anderson let me down!

Vanishing on 7th Street quotes

  • Luke: I'm gone.

    James: Then go, motherfucka, go!

  • Luke: I'm here because I will myself to exist.

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