Vanity Fair movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
Becky Sharpcomes from the lower classes, her father is a poor British artist, and her mother is a young lady in the French chorus. Orphaned at a very young age, Becky has longed to enter high society. Later, Becky started working as a governess, teaching the daughter of country gentleman Peter Cowley. With her beauty, wit and tact, Becky quickly won the favor and trust of the family. In order to truly enter the upper class of England, Becky accepted Matilda's invitation without hesitation and left the country to live in London. There, Becky met her childhood friend Emilia Sedley from a wealthy family.
Emilia falls in love with the charming officer George and marries him despite the family's objections, while Becky also secretly marries Roton Cowley, the heir to the Cowley family. An angry Matilda kicks the newlyweds out of the house. At this time, Napoleon launched a war against European countries, George and Roton were drafted into the army, and Becky and Emilia, who were pregnant, depended on each other for life. The war was over, Becky and Lawton finally lived together, they had a boy, and the family of three lived a poor life   .
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    Indian elements are added very strangely. 7 out of 10

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    For the first time, REESE feels so beautiful

Vanity Fair quotes

  • George Osborne: [as Becky plays a piano forte] So, Miss Sharp. How do you like your new place?

    Becky Sharp: My place? How kind of you to remind me. It's quite tolerable, thank you. And they treat me very well. But then, this is a gentleman's family... and quite a change from tradespeople.

    George Osborne: You seemed to like tradespeople well enough last year.

    Becky Sharp: Joseph Sedley, you mean? It's true. If he'd ask me, I would not have said no.

    George Osborne: How very obliging of you.

    Becky Sharp: I know what you're thinking. What an honor to have had you for a brother in-law. Captain George Osborne, son of John Osborne, Esquire, son of... what was your grandfather?

    [George remains silent and stern]

    Becky Sharp: Never mind. You cannot help your pedigree.

  • Amelia Sedley: [the clock strikes midnight at the Waterloo ball] George, shouldn't we rest now? There may be a battle in the morning.

    George Osborne: Go to bed if you're tired, my dear. Sweet dreams.

    [Dances with Becky]

    George Osborne: Are you tired, you wicked woman?

    Becky Sharp: [laughing] I'm not a child, Captain Osborne. Not like your brainless little Amelia. Ambition doesn't tire. Evil never sleeps.

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