Veronika Voss movie plot

2022-07-09 12:22
The once-popular glory has long since become a thing of the past, and now Veronica (Rosel Zech) has become an unheard of yesterday. Sports journalist Robert (Hilmar Thate) is a former Veronica fan, and when he sees her again, Robert only sees a past actress who is addicted to alcohol and narcotics, and he decides to help Veronica.
Veronica lives in the clinic of Dr. Katz (Annemarie Düringer), where there are many people as poor and poor as her. Robert discovers that the doctor at the clinic even used his position to inject these people. Morphine as a means of controlling and extorting their money. Robert wanted to expose the crime, but couldn't find any evidence. Veronica decided to come back, however, it was this decision that added the final weight to Veronica's death. 
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Veronika Voss quotes

  • Filmproduzent: I wanted you for the part, but the director - You know how directors are today. They do what they like with you. He insisted on his floozy.

    Veronika Voss: [sees a young girl dressing in the Filmproduzent's office] Is that her?

    Filmproduzent: [races to close his office door] Yes.

    Veronika Voss: Very attractive. And much younger than me.

    Filmproduzent: Less talented, too. If it were up to me...

    Veronika Voss: Does she have a mother? In the movie, I mean.

    Filmproduzent: A mother? Yes. why?

    Veronika Voss: Let me play her mother. The mother of the flossy. Please. Let me.

    Filmproduzent: It's a tiny role, Veronika. Two or three days' shooting. I'd never have dared offer you something like that.

    Veronika Voss: That's why I have to ask.

  • Veronika Voss: This staircase lighting isn't very flattering for women.

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