Wedding Daze evaluation action

2022-01-16 08:02
"Wedding Daze" has a wonderful beginning, throwing a big man into a pile of colorful lace panties, surrounded by a pile of hot and slim cuties. Such an opening is enough to attract attention. Not to mention whether the use of sexual gimmicks is cliché or not, will the opening of the drama be too bizarre. At least the heroes and heroines of the film are very interesting-Jason Biggs, Isla Fisher, the combination of the two is full of hormones and a lot of fun. But the film’s screenwriter and director, Michael Ian Black, didn’t seem to think about how to do well with the two ace in his hands. He was preaching and unintentionally funny, and the blunt and nonsensical elements became fake and serious appendages. Seriousness funny result is "Wedding Daze" has become a laugh that is no depth nor embarrassment for the point   .   .
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Wedding Daze quotes

  • Katie: Anderson, when you asked me to marry you, you probably picked the only girl in the whole world that would say yes. I don't think that's a coincidence. Do you?

    Anderson: I don't know.

    Katie: Do you believe in fate?

    Anderson: No.

    Katie: Neither do I. You see, this was meant to be. Will you marry me?

  • Lyle: Son, I want you to have this. I want you to have my cock ring.

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