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2022-07-13 19:23
In the film, there is a scene in which the hero listens to his two brothers arguing but does not understand. There are no subtitles, which is to let the audience understand the environment in which the hero is in, and has a sense of substitution. Classical music is used in the film to express the characters' personalities and emotions. Fragments of Chopin's works are played twice, which resonates with the audience   .
"Welcome" is hailed as a modern version of "Casablanca", showing the departure from ideals and reality, refuting the hypocritical nature of French-style democracy, and expressing sympathy for the unfair treatment of refugees in Europe   .  
The ironic WELCOME carpet on the neighbor's door in the film shows the entanglement of Europeans with the immigrant dilemma   .
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  • Marion Calmat: Know what barring people from shops means? Want me to buy you a history-book?

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