Wife Mu Cong loves beer with hot stir-fried Toyokawa Etsuji's theory "Give me your love"

2021-10-12 12:26

The movie "The Way of the Destiny" specially invited his wife, Mu Satoshi, and Toyokawa Etsuji, two Japanese film stars to film in Taiwan. After 30 days of shooting, the film was officially completed last Saturday. Wife Mu Cong strongly praised: "Taiwanese restaurant is our paradise, supporting our hearts, tasting a lot of Taiwanese delicacies, and the intimacy brought by Taiwanese, making me feel the power this land brings to me" and revealed him After working with Toyokawa Etsuji, I like to eat Taiwanese cuisine together. When I return to Japan, I will miss the taste of beer and Taiwanese stir-fry.

of my feelings about the filming in Taiwan, his wife Mu Cong said: "I feel very happy to shoot in such a beautiful land in Taiwan, shooting in such a coveted place. Japan always feels impatient, and I can take my time in Taiwan. You can find your own pace." Toyokawa Etsuji also feels particularly impressed: "If you have 24 hours a day in Japan, you may have 28 hours in Taiwan! Taiwan's pace makes me feel calm and stable."

Mu Cong, Toyokawa Etsuji, and Xie Xinying have a lot of rival plays in Hualien, waiting for the play time. Wife Mu Cong and Xie Xinying will teach each other Japanese or Chinese. "It’s so hot" and this kind of simple life language, and later progressed to playing a number game, Xie Xinying proudly said: "Tsumo Mu Cong just started to learn Chinese numbers, and I was also learning Japanese numbers. Once we waited for a play. He suggested to play Bingo. He read the numbers in Chinese and I read the numbers in Japanese. I didn’t expect that after I won the first bingo, he kept clamoring to play again and didn’t want to admit defeat.” As for the private relationship with Toyokawa Etsuji Interactive, Xie Xinying rated: "A lovely uncle!" It turned out that Toyogawa Etsuji would often suddenly use the staff to teach him Chinese and say to Xie Xinying: "Give me your love, give me your money!" Amusing Make her laugh.

Yoshihiro Hano believes that Taipei is a very special city, new and stylish, without losing traditional culture, with a very unbalanced but integrated charm. Another filming location, Hualien, is full of various natural and changing colors. And this filming in Taiwan also made Toyokawa Etsuji and his wife Mu Cong completely fall in love with Taiwan, praising Taiwan as a happy paradise suitable for life. After the two of them finished work, they would report to the hot stir shop when they had the opportunity. The two male gods have an irreplaceable position in their hearts. The movie is expected to be released in 2019.

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    Although but... if you program the three laws of robotics... (you won't be able to see this movie

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    why. . . It's a waste of actors to make a movie like this. . .

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