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2022-05-17 16:11
The film's biggest problem is dissolving all its potential interest in a clunky and weak supernatural farce; this haunted house movie is neither intriguing nor intimidating. No matter how many times the director tries to set the shocking plot in advance, his attempts to maintain the film's horror and urgency are frustratingly beyond his capabilities. Although Helen Lydia Mirren this high-end video cards Division in the presence of an actor, but this abnormal stupid movie ultimately become a secondary product  .
The protagonist Sarah may not be crazy, but this movie seems a little crazy. The directors tried to "restrain," but that just meant the first living room conversation between Jason Clarke and Helen Lydia Mirren that sounded like something out of a Vincent Price movie. Despite Mirren doing everything he can to look happy, the film isn't a movie about acting, it's an empty ghost show  .
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  • Brain 2022-05-17 17:18:54

    「Sometimes we all need a little help to see the difference between reality and illusion.」「Conditions can be cured. Curses cannot.」「Cruelty, grief, and loss can make people do unimaginable things.」「I am a mother, a fighter, a protector, and I am not afraid.」

  • Stephon 2022-05-17 08:41:17

    A very violent ghost disturbed the whole room and the ghosts were restless. In the end, the protagonist shot the violent ghost to save him.

Winchester quotes

  • [last lines]

    Dr. Eric Price: You know, in spite of everything, you really do have a beautiful home. What are you going to do next?

    Sarah Winchester: Rebuild, of course.

    Dr. Eric Price: Of course.

  • Dr. Eric Price: Pointless in the end, our fear, isn't it? .

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