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2022-03-29 08:01
A horrific encounter like hell When producer Kyle Mann first read the script for the screenplay, titled "Wrecked," by Christopher Dodd, he was blown away. He was deeply fascinated by it, especially the topics and concepts related to identity and memory, which made Man have an uncontrollable resonance. He then met with director Michael Alan Greenspan (Michael Greenspan), and their sense of identification with each other continued to deepen, Mann explained: "When I had a conversation with Alan Greenspan, my whole story changed. Gotta get more and more passionate. I can get it from Perception , he's a natural storyteller, he gave me the best movie idea I've ever heard, you can even tell from his description Taste the flavor that this film exudes. In his mind, a particularly clear picture has been formed, including the means of how to achieve it - two years later, when we officially started shooting "Wrecked", Alan Greenspan has delivered on all his promises to me, and that's exactly what we wanted to make this film with." Although their headquarters are located in, Los Angeles and Toronto , but Kyle Mann, Michael Alan Greenspan and Christopher Dodd managed to overcome the distance barrier, and after many exchanges, the original script was revised several times to make it from a An apocalyptic action saga transformed into the current story of survival and identity. Adrien Brody, who plays the amnesic hero in the film and will also serve as a producer, said: "The script was sent in a fairly traditional way. In my hands, but I saw a Uuml;ber uns das All that deviates from the custom . In fact, there are very few works that only revolve around a simple character, so personal Not only did the big-screen tour of The Pianist give me a lot of novelty, but I haven't seen such a maverick and original movie concept since The Pianist .
At the same time, I also realized that it contains more than just the development of a character. Against the background of the unusual and dramatic potential around me, I felt a very universal popular theme- You can completely turn off the volume of the movie. I believe you will soon realize what I think. No matter what cultural background and social level you come from, no matter what language you speak, you can communicate with us. The stories build peer-to-peer connections, which is very rare in the film industry, and it's hard to get to that level. When the protagonist in the film woke up in the ruins at the bottom of the cliff, his brain was severely damaged, and he also suffered multiple fractures. Due to the severe concussion, he could not remember who he was or why he was here. I think for the audience, it's really a fascinating opening, and from an actor's point of view, it's also an irresistible opportunity. "
When Michael Alan Greenspan met Adryan Brody for the first time in the summer of 2009 , he was very nervous and really hoped that Brody would consider being in the film, rather than flat out. Absolutely rejected him. So, when Brody nodded in agreement and asked when to start, Alan Greenspan could only describe how he was feeling at the time, ecstatic, he really didn't expect everything to go so well, Brody Admitted: "I think the first thing that attracted me to this film was the concept of survival that runs through it - in our lives, we have all fallen into extreme despair at times, but in different ways and circumstances. That's it, and for this reason, I believe each of us understands that moving on for survival is an instinct in our bodies. In my opinion, there seems to be nothing like 'a man in Wrecked' 'A more fragile existence, because he has no name and no memory, the only thing he can do is rely on his nature and intuition, but when it comes to life and death, a person can often unleash an unimaginable great potential."
Kyle Mann still vividly remembers Michael Alan Greenspan's unease to the point of collapse during his first meeting with Adryan Brody . Mann had to take care of some other things, so he came a little later. They joined, but when he arrived, Alan Greenspan seemed completely relieved, and Mann said, "I learned later that the first thing Brody said to him was, 'I want to make this It's my favorite script since pianist.' In my opinion, Brody's seemingly simple comment contains a lot of information, and from that moment on, we Knowing what he really thinks, and that he's a very physically fit actor who is sure to be an action star - a combination of those two great qualities, Brody is without a doubt the best way to see if Wrecked will go well. A key bargaining chip." Kyle Mann has repeatedly teetered on the brink of bankruptcy because of his decision to invest in the film in his own name, precisely because of Michael Alan Greenspan and Adryan Brody 's love for Wrecked. The unwavering belief and the shared responsibility they held gave him the strength and courage to continue, and in the toughest of times, he also learned a lot about human nature that he didn't understand before, Mann recalls: "In addition to Alan Greenspan and Brody, Telefilm Canada have also provided me with unconditional help and support, and from the beginning they have taken a carte blanche attitude towards our films, always giving softly behind We are motivated - we are all very fortunate and proud to have a partner like this, and it's all a fantastic opportunity to come by."
An extreme challenge and test of the body Adryan Brody, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role , arrivesAt the time, there were still 4 days before the film officially started. After the makeup and prosthetics were tested and fixed, he and Michael Alan Greenspan crossed the Strait of Georgia to the island , and they will stay here. It took a whole month to complete all the filming of Wrecked. In the days that followed, Brody and Alan Greenspan were practically inseparable. They talked a lot and visited some of the locations that were needed for the shoot. Alan Greenspan said: "Being able to work with Brody, The greatest experience I've ever had in my life, his courage was amazing, everything he did was instinctive, and he had an unparalleled amount of control over where he was. We all know that , the top priority is to find a suitable way of communication, after all, we do not have much time to explain everything in detail, for us, any extra action is a luxury and waste, we must make the most of Getting to know each other quickly, Brody's progress in this regard can be said to be very fast." Brody continued: "I discussed a lot of possibilities with Alan Greenspan, although this is the first he has directed. Feature film, but I really like his perspective, creativity, enthusiasm and clear judgment, he always knows exactly what he wants to convey - from the same starting point, We quickly formed an amazingly perfect partnership." Apparently, Adryan BrodyThe four days spent with Michael Alan Greenspan were crucial to both of them, Alan Greenspan said: "Basically it was Brody talking, I was listening, he He shared with me his experiences, including his likes and dislikes, and he had almost no reservations about me. After all, before this, we had very few opportunities to meet, let alone communicate, So we can only deepen our understanding quickly in this way." The forward-thinking Michael Alan Greenspan took the lead in doing extensive and sufficient preparation for "Wrecked", constantly refining his shooting schedule, but let the He was disturbed by the fact that there was always a variable throughout the process, Alan Greenspan said: "Because I didn't know at the time what Adryan Brody was thinking and what would he do? We didn't talk about it at all. This aspect of the content. Fortunately, I quickly realized that he is not the type of actor who is at the mercy of others, he needs a series of parameter values, and you can safely leave the rest to him." Before shooting each set, Michael Alan Greenspan gave Adryan Brody a brief description of suggested action and camera placement and movement, especially when it came time to shoot, he never Interrupting Brody, Alan Greenspan described: "Watching what Brody has done in front of the camera really gives me the shivers, it's just amazing, almost impeccable from start to finish. -I realized right away that I had to change my pre-planning and strategy, not just capture Brody's performance, obviously, as a director, I want to get more information from the actors ." It turns out that the filming of Wrecked was unmistakably a slap in the face of Adryan Brody.During the whole process, all he needs to go through are extremely severe tests, including losing weight, sleeping in a wilderness environment in the cold weather of February, immersing himself in a near-zero temperature In the fast-flowing river, it is even necessary to eat insects. Even though Brody's stuntman was on set, he obviously didn't want to share his acting work with anyone, Michael Alan Greenspan said: "Our stuntman was basically a stunt because Brody Intended to go into battle in person and face all the stunt scenes directly. He not only really jumped into the river, but also completed all the performances as much as he could, and we really admire his dedication."
The film officially entered the shooting stage in February 2010. For the Canadian winter, the temperature at this time was relatively warm, but the temperature in the water was still close to zero. Kyle Man described: "We must not. Don't push Adryan Brody into the water, because no one has the courage to take the initiative to walk into such a cold and biting river, especially after a few attempts, all senses are almost completely numb. So The state of Brody's character in the film is not entirely disguised or performed." Brody thought: "Whether it's a good or bad experience, the only thing I can do is to take it all ——In fact, when I decided to accept this role, I had already anticipated what kind of emotional challenges I would need to face, including the difficulties and obstacles that might arise in the middle, all within the scope of my willingness to accept. I think for all of what I've been through on Wrecked, it's much easier and more comfortable to put my body through some pain than just acting."
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