Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort movie plot

2022-06-27 12:06
A penniless young man, Danny (Anthony Ilott), accidentally learns that he has relatives in a remote Siberian mountain village, so on a sunny day, Danny takes his girlfriend Toni (Aqueela Zoll) with him. And Vic (Rollo Skinner), Gillian (Roxanne Pallett), Lord (Billy Ashworth) and other friends came to the quiet and mysterious Hob Springs Manor. The manor was built in the early 20th century, and although it is old, it is elegant and solemn. Danny's cousins, Jackson (Chris Jarvis) and Sally (Sadie Katz), welcome the group. The happy and carefree young people play and talk freely, but they don't know what terrible and amazing secrets are hidden here. For Danny, what was once a joyous journey to inherit the family's estate has turned into a game of hunting with terrifying demons. 
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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort quotes

  • Toni: Just stop, Danny, this isn't you!

    Danny: No. It's family.

  • Sally: Yer gonna get yers now, girl!

    [lunges at Toni]

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