You Kill Me movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
Frank Farenczyk, from a Polish gangster family in Buffalo, New York, grew up playing with guns and became the youngest golden killer in the family very early on. He has always been fierce and quick in his work, showing no traces and neatness, of course, provided that he is in a sober state. He is an alcoholic who often misses things because of greed. His uncle sends him to San Francisco for refuge after a critical drunken trade. There Frank begins to learn to live a little normal life: quit drinking, get a job in the morgue and fall in love with the snarky Laurel there.
And while he lives in peace, Buffalo's family business is threatened by a gang of upstarts from Ireland. The two groups of forces were at odds with each other and finally confronted each other, which also meant the end of Frank's vacation. The golden hotshot who has re-applied now has an unreliable helper, Laurel, but in any case, the cold-faced killer is no longer fighting alone   .
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  • Geovanny 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    American shot of black humor goofy

  • Juston 2022-04-23 07:05:37

    It doesn't mean that under the banner of black humor, the movie can be fun, and it doesn't mean that if you hold a movie star to support the facade, boring movies can be on the high-end. There seem to be quite a few killer movies like this last year, but they don't seem to be that great. There is a problem, no one can tell a story, no one can tell a joke

You Kill Me quotes

  • Laurel Pearson: Here's to granting others the serenity to change the things you cannot accept.

    Tom: And the courage to accept large amounts of change serenely.

    Frank Falenczyk: And the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Frank Falenczyk: You gonna run and tell mommy?

    Dave: That's right, Frank. I'm going to run and tell mommy.

    Frank Falenczyk: Shit.

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