Youth Without Youth evaluation action

2022-03-22 08:01
"Youth Without Youth" has attracted a lot of media attention since the filming. Director Coppola's low-key style during filming has increased the curiosity of fans about the film. The excellent original novel and the script adapted by Coppola also ensure the film's plot   .
"Youth Without Youth" tells the male protagonist's nostalgia for love and the myth of time. Although the film is not a grand and splendid movie like people imagined, the choice of theme shows that director Cobo pull ambition. However, it is precisely because Coppola wants to show various ideas and techniques that the theme of the film is complex and obscure, and the styles are diverse and chaotic. Somewhat boring and awkward. However, some viewers affirmed the decryption ideas and intellectual games in the film, and praised the film as a complex and excellent work   .
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Youth Without Youth quotes

  • Josef Rudolf: Mr. Matei? What do we do with... time? That question 'What do we do with time' expresses the supreme ambiguity of the human condition.

    Dominic: I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Josef Rudolf: An opportunity has been given to us. We... the human race!

  • Dominic: I am afraid, I must remain neutral in all of this...

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