Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files movie plot

2022-06-21 15:39
A fourteen-year-old delinquent boy, Yusuke Urai, was hit by a car while trying to save a child. Since the spiritual world did not expect his death and there was no place for him, he was reborn. Chance. After being tested in the spiritual world, Yusuke finally returned to his body and became a detective in the spiritual world.
During a mission, Yusuke met Kurama and Hiei, and the three of them, together with Kuwahara (Yusuke's best friend), solved a lot of cases for the spirit world. Then defeat powerful opponents in the "Dark Martial Arts Tournament", and their strength and friendship grow day by day. 
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  • Rhea 2022-06-21 15:05:50

    Finally finished it, and sure enough, it only took a few minutes for the villain in the ending to be reversed by probation. Yusuke's pure combat aesthetics: the battle is greater than all goals or even greater than saving the world, and it is only understood by the magalo box. The original intention of the supplement is to compare with the number one player. It is said to be able to see through the non-game story that the author is a game fan at a glance. I did see the traces of various RPG games and the reference and reference of the animation before and after: the worm of the Valley of the Wind, the cannibal setting of Attack on Titan, the new house painting style, etc. There are also various social news elements that are readily available, which are very realistic. But the first ten episodes were quite tasteless, and after Huan Hai appeared, it began to be interesting, but the speed of advancement was extremely slow, including the best fighting scene in the whole play (Dark Tournament), and I could watch the storyboards by the way. . . In short, after watching this episode (68 episodes), I was still hesitating whether to give up the drama, but it turned out that it started from the quiz between Zangma and Haitengyou, and it became extremely compact. , various brain-opening superpowers, the right team configuration, the sense of urgency created by the dynamically updated deadline, and even the storyboards of the fights are more stylized, instantly magical

  • Alan 2022-06-21 15:15:41

    I actually finished all 112 episodes! ! ! ! ! ! ! Ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! ! What should I do if Amway became a Tibetan Flying Party at Station B! ! ! ! (Although the body is also my goddess) TM is my childhood! ! !

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files quotes

  • Yusuke Urameshi: Spirit gun!

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