Daniel Henshall

Daniel Henshall

  • Born: 1982-8-9
  • Height:
  • Profession: actor
  • Representative Works: The Babadook, the last moment, my neighborhood, Okja
  • Daniel Henshall, actor, major works " The Babadook ", "The Last Moment", "My Block".

    Performing Experience

    2016, starred by Bong Joon ho directed, Katherine Matilda Swinton , Paul Franklin Dano , An SEO Hyeon starred in the adventure film " Okja "   .
    Extended Reading
    • Harvey 2022-03-31 08:01:02

      "Snow Town Madness"

      The film still tries to explore some reasons from the depth of the subject matter, but I feel that the creator is also ambiguous. The whole film feels that it lacks focus, characters and tendencies.

      It is too running account, if you add the date, it feels special diary. The lack of organized...

    • Kadin 2022-03-31 08:01:02


      Watching a B-grade film also needs the texture of the picture to drive the atmosphere of the film. Unfortunately, this film has no texture at all from the soundtrack to the picture, and immediately lost most of the interest. The story is based on real events, but the filming is very old-fashioned...

    • Carolyne 2022-04-02 09:01:16

      Smelly and long ………………

    • Ida 2022-04-23 07:05:51

      It's terrifying to watch the real event

    The Snowtown Murders quotes

    • John Bunting: Do you like bein' fucked? Do you like bein' fucked? So why not do somethin' about it? 'Cause all I ever see you do is sook, mate. No? What didjah do about Jeffrey? Fuckin' nothin'. You see me and Robert mopin' about? Hmm? No you don't because you do that they fuck you forever. You don't want that, do you? When are you gonna grow some balls, mate?

    • John Bunting: It's not fuckin' mean if you kick the shit out of some diseased prick. He fuckin' deserves it. It's an Australian fuckin' tradition, anyway. Eh?