The Snowtown Murders movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
16-year-old Jamie lives with his mother , Eriks, and two younger brothers, Alex and Nicholas . Their home is on the northern outskirts of Adelaide , a residential area for those with less fortunate families. Jamie had always wanted to escape the helplessness, negativity, and violence at home, and he wanted to go out and live and find his own world. At this time, a man named John Bentin came to Jamie's world, and he became the savior of Jamie's helpless life. This charismatic man often helps the Jamie family. And as John and Jamie's family get closer and closer, エリザベス and his children are fantasizing about a stable, solid and warm family life they never dreamed of.
John is also slowly changing his role, from Jamie's protector to Jamie's "teacher". He introduced Jamie into his own values, which were filled with resentment, paranoia, and resentment. As with all father-son relationships, Jamie slowly became a "copy" of John, and he gradually broke away from his family to eat and live with John and stay with John's friends   .
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  • Kiley 2022-04-23 07:05:51

    It's a tragedy to have a bad mother on the stall. This kind of film is definitely a kind of psychological torture. Fortunately, the director stopped abruptly at the end, otherwise it would be hard to watch. Now it seems that it is not difficult to play a villain. It is unusual for such an actor to play a bad guy to the extreme.

  • Leonie 2022-03-31 08:01:02

    3.5, with a four-star balance... The score is too low, how many audiences have wrong expectations for this film. Thanks for the recommendation, it is indeed my favorite style (Nitram and this one are in the same line). The harm of Toxic masculinity is particularly well reflected. This thing is far more far-reaching than drugs.

The Snowtown Murders quotes

  • John Bunting: Do you like bein' fucked? Do you like bein' fucked? So why not do somethin' about it? 'Cause all I ever see you do is sook, mate. No? What didjah do about Jeffrey? Fuckin' nothin'. You see me and Robert mopin' about? Hmm? No you don't because you do that they fuck you forever. You don't want that, do you? When are you gonna grow some balls, mate?

  • John Bunting: It's not fuckin' mean if you kick the shit out of some diseased prick. He fuckin' deserves it. It's an Australian fuckin' tradition, anyway. Eh?


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