Massimo Girotti

Massimo Girotti

  • Born: 1918-5-18
  • Height: 5' 10¾" (1.8 m)
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    • Stacy 2022-09-03 11:21:35

      "Shen Lun" in "The Director's Talk"

      The Sinking is Visconti's first independent film. Before that, he served as the assistant of the French director Jean Renoir for four years. There are a lot of scenes shot in the real scene in "The Sinking". The camera is often in constant swimming and pays attention to capturing the external...

    • Celine 2022-09-27 01:35:19


      The framing of the movie is excellent, especially its close-up shots, which bring out the inner world of everyone vividly.
      This movie is full of betrayal and pain, but in front of love, these are all insignificant. Only love is great, and love can help us overcome everything.
      This movie made me...