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  • Doris 2022-07-05 18:29:58

    Watching Notes | The combination of aesthetics and reality, exploring the freedom of people from wandering or settling - "The Sinking"

    The likes of Visconti and Santis opened the door to a new realism in the art of cinema in the numb society of Mussolini's political control, and its place in film history alone is enough to give 5 stars.

    As far as the movie is concerned, the first half is very exciting, the techniques are delicate,...

  • Joana 2022-07-05 23:42:29


    A veritable sinking, sinking into the parasitism and struggle of desire.

    Nietzsche said in "Beyond Good and Evil" that "people ultimately love their own desires, not the object of their desires". Gino and Giovana, Gino and Anita are both parasitized by desire, and they also regard each other as the...

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