Nik Dodani

Nik Dodani

  • Born: 1993-12-19
  • Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)
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    • Myrna 2022-09-14 21:31:22

      ridiculous others

      Every detail in life is absurd: you come out of the supermarket, an acquaintance you haven’t seen in years suddenly stops you to talk to you, and before leaving, he insists on letting you rent a movie for free; your friend’s adopted brother has been there since he was a child. Drama queen...

    • Maurine 2022-09-14 21:53:50

      You know we're all the other of life

      Towards the end of the year, I read a book called Stoner. The protagonist Stoner should be regarded as a "phoenix man", from a farmer in a small village to a university professor in a town, after marrying the famous family he fell in love with for the first time, he thought he would live a happy...

    Other People quotes

    • [Cathy is recording a voice message]

      Cathy Columbo: Hi Joanne, it's Cathy *Columbo* from Bemidji state? I heard from Kay and Rick, you were *sick*. I am *so sorry*. I didn't know that honey. I... I'd love to hear how you're doing... uh, whenever you're up for it, okay? And it's uh... o hold on one sec, Joanne. Um yeah, I'd like 2 bean and cheese burritos please, and a small Pepsi.

      Del Taco Employee: We don't serve Pepsi, mam. We only have Coke.

      Cathy Columbo: No, no, I al...

      Del Taco Employee: Only Coke mam.

      Cathy Columbo: Oh, *shit*. Sorry, I thought I was... a... a Taco Bell. Am I on Eucalyptus?

      Del Taco Employee: No, this is Del Taco.

      Cathy Columbo: Oh, I'm all turned around.

      Del Taco Employee: And we only have Coke.

      Cathy Columbo: Okay, no no no, yeah, I hear you. Yeah okay, Coke's fine then. Thankyou.

      Del Taco Employee: Okay, that's all?

      Cathy Columbo: Yeah, thankyou.

      Del Taco Employee: $3.11 at the first window.

      Cathy Columbo: Uh... I'm *so* sorry about that Joanne. Uh, where was I? Oh, right, how... how sick you are.

    • David: This all just feels like... something that happens to other people.

      Gabe: Yeah well now, you're other people to other people.