Philip Hersh

Philip Hersh

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    • Dennis 2022-07-11 12:43:43


        There are really not many good-looking Hong Kong movies now. From the stagnation in the 1990s to the current recession, there has been a situation where there is no connection, the market is sluggish, and it has experienced financial turmoil. Now few people are willing to pay big money to make...

    • Eunice 2022-07-11 20:18:23

      "Exile", reviewing the past and learning new things with Lao Du

          Du Qifeng's new film "Exile" is another Du Qifeng film that failed to pass the inspection in the Mainland after "Underworld - Peace is Precious". However, Lao Du is still quite influential in the mainland, and the number of fans is huge, so the dealer will naturally not let it go. So there is...