Exiled behind the scenes gags

2022-07-11 23:57
  • In order to achieve the killer image in Director Johnnie To's mind, Ren Xianqi worked hard to lose weight and make himself stronger   .
  • "Exile" designed a female character played by He Chaoyi, whose identity is the wife of a killer who escaped from the underworld. Because she is the only female character in the film, and she has to act with veteran actors such as Anthony Perry and Francis NG, He Chaoyi feels a lot of pressure   .
  • Due to the similarity of the story structure and character relationship with "Gunfire", the film was called the sequel to "Gunfire" at the beginning of filming. This was later rejected by the director   .
  • The Mainland Film Bureau censored the film and did not approve it, believing that the subject matter of the film involved gangsters and killers, and that the scenes were too bloody and violent, and decided that "Exile" would not be shown in the mainland. However, the audio-visual aspects passed the review smoothly, and the audio-visual products of "Exile" were released on October 19, 2006, simultaneously with the release time in Hong Kong.
  • Anthony Perry, Francis NG and Roy Cheung shot a large-scale shootout scene for the film. In order to achieve better results, Johnnie To not only arranged for actors to practice guns, but also specially ordered props, pistols and bullets from the United States, which were used in one scene. 5,000 bullets and reaction bullets cost a total of more than 2 million yuan. Johnnie To even more bluntly said that this film is the film with the most bullets in his personal work, with a total of 18,000 bullets   .
  • When filming the large-scale gun battle scene in the play, both Qiu Sheng and Zhen Yu were very excited, and because of the big scene, each actor was not allowed to fail. After a round of merging, Johnnie To saw the playback and felt that it was not perfect, so he decided to retake the film. Finally, after eight shootings, Johnnie To received the goods.
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