Exiled movie plot

2022-07-11 15:30
Killer He () returns to Macau for his wife Jing () and BB to take root. Former good brothers Huo () and Bo () are ordered by the boss Dafei () to kill him. A pair of good brothers Tai () and cat () protect him for the sake of love, and the conflict between the five suddenly arises. Thinking of friendship, the four let He do the last sale for the family.
The Liberdade Hotel in troubled times is a hidden place of sins. The four of them came here with ease and met the boss, Shef (). Shef proposed two options, one is to assassinate the Macau boss, and the other is to snatch a ton of gold. And choose the former, but die under the gun. Jing Shi Huo and others are the enemies who kill their husbands, and pursue them at all costs.
Under the arrangement of fate, the four people unexpectedly came to the gold grab site, got the gold in the conflict, and got to know the sharpshooter Superintendent Chen (), and everyone cherished each other. Just as the group was about to leave and fly away, Huo received a call from Da Fei: Jing and BB are in his hands.
Knowing that Ah Jing was trapped in the hotel, the Huo four resolutely turned back and rescued their mother and son. Facing the big trapeze, they were already prepared to risk their lives   .
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