Exiled Counterpoint

2022-07-11 10:10
The film's narcissistic show-off shooting skills have entered the misunderstanding of formalism. Looking at the overall situation of the film, the biggest feeling of "Exile" is that it is eating its own money. There are a total of five shooting scenes in the film, and basically the same shooting is used. Routines, nothing new. The two small props in the film (coins and cans) were supposed to add color to the film, but due to the overall formalism of the film, they were completely reduced to two decorations.
The plot tension is insufficient, the characters are heavily masked, the plot is weak, and the characters are blurred. All the characters are submerged in one after another cool modeling, and the characters' images are seriously masked. The political implication deliberately imposed in the film is really superfluous, giving people the feeling that the rhythm is procrastinated, and the form is greater than the content ()   .
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