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2022-07-14 15:36
If you have an impression of "Audition", you must not forget the harsh sound of the steel wire cutting the flesh and scraping the bones, but it is only a hearing torture, at most people can't bear to throw away the headphones. It's more of a visual here. The director patiently described the process of how the steel needle pierced the fingers, how to poke the nails, how to penetrate deeply, and how to ooze blood. Combined with Komomo's heart-piercing screams, it really made people feel uncomfortable.
The film starts out completely according to the director's wild imagination and outrageous bad taste.
In addition to those cruel abuses, the repeated appearance of dead babies is estimated to drive the old beauty who advocates humanism crazy, not to mention that this is a TV program for innocent American men, women and children to enjoy after dinner. Director Miike really went too far. However, the people who invited him to make the film also valued his skills in "Audition", and this film is more or less worthy of the trust. In short, this movie is more difficult to understand and has a heavy taste. Pregnant women, children, the elderly, heart patients, mental patients, don’t watch it It's not exciting, but it should be good to see this movie.
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  • The Woman: This island isn't in the human world; demons and whores are the only ones living here.

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