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2022-07-14 15:54
A boat on a moonlit night, a ghostly ghost, the American writer Christopher (Billy Drago) travels with the boat in the river where floating corpses are floating, and goes to the forbidden island to find his lost love, Xiao Tao (played by Michie). He once made an agreement with Xiao Tao to take her back to the United States, but he could not find any trace of his lover, but learned the sad news of Xiao Tao's death from an ugly prostitute, the ghost gig (played by Kudo Yuki).
The ghost trick slowly revealed the whereabouts of Xiao Tao. She said that Xiao Tao committed suicide because she could not wait for Chris. Distraught, Chris asks the prostitute to tell the story and reasons of Xiao Tao's death, and the prostitute tells all of this and her own life experience. He kept pointing out the falsehood in the woman's narrative, repeating it again and again, gradually approaching the truth, and bringing him closer to the ultimate terror.
Ghost tricks say that being a prostitute tends to weave lies, and sometimes it's better to listen to lies than to know the truth. The ghost trick told Chris that Xiao Tao stole Mama Sang's ring and was caught by Mama Sang. The evidence was that someone picked up Xiao Tao's hairpin in front of Mama Sang's door. Then Mom Sang pressed her to ask about the whereabouts of Xiao Tao's ring, but Xiao Tao refused to admit it. Under Mom Sang's advice, a group of women who were usually jealous of Xiao Tao tortured her in crazy pleasure, stabbing her with incense and needles. Mom Sang said that Xiao Tao is a treasure that makes money and must not leave scars on her face and body. Women have their own set. They use steel needles several inches long to pierce their nails little by little, the sound of the needles piercing the flesh, and the pink fingernails slowly appearing dark red, and the nails are provoked and fleshy. The sound of the tearing apart is creepy. The ten fingers were destroyed, and Xiao Tao still did not admit to stealing the ring. The group of women who were stimulated by blood to the point of excitement and red eyes began their next torture, and continued to ask questions. Tormenting the old woman, she turned up Xiao Tao's lips, the steel needle pierced into Xiao Tao's upper and lower gums, and the sound of flesh piercing was chilling. Xiao Tao, who had been tortured into a human form, was hanged upside down. She could not bear the torture. She admitted that she had stolen the ring, and begged those women not to kill her. Next, no matter how tortured she was, Xiao Tao never said a word, because she I don't even know where the ring is.
Guiji continued to narrate, saying that when she brought water to Xiao Tao at night, she found that she had ended her life with a rope.
Christopher kept pointing out the falsehoods in the ghost story, and he wanted to know the truth. He said he didn't want to know, but had to.
Ghostbrick began to tell another story - hers. Ghost tricks were sold and sold and ended up on this isolated island, as is the case with many prostitutes. Guiji's parents are beggars. They begged all the way to a small mountain village. Although it is not beautiful, it is also a paradise for wandering people. After settling down, the ghost was born, but the child with original sin was cursed when the mother was conceived, because she was the product of incest by her parents, and her parents were brothers and sisters. Guiji is not a person, she has a twin sister, but this sister is a deformed person, parasitic on the head of Guiji, a human hand with eyes and a mouth. Guiji has been called a freak by other children since he was a child, because only half is like a flower, and the other half is like Shura. The mother is a person who helps people to have abortions. She takes out the formed little lives from the mother's body again and again, and then indifferently throws them into the wooden basin. Objects from the umbilical cord are thrown into the river. Maybe she didn't know what she was doing, just helping her mother.
All the people in the village were reluctant to talk to the ghost tricks, except for one monk, who repeatedly told the ghost tricks to go to hell for doing bad things, and going to hell for doing bad things, and the little ghost tricks remembered it firmly.
The father abused and beat the mother, and raped the young ghost trick with the strength of alcohol. In the constant persecution and coercion of the younger sister, the ghost gig took up the wooden ladle and smashed the father to death. Those who do bad things will go to hell, and the gate of hell has been opened to the ghost trick.
The ghost trick was sold to this isolated island, no one liked her and sympathized with her, because of the devilish face, only Xiao Tao, Xiao Tao talked to her and gave her his food. Ghost tricks say that Xiao Tao is a kind and beautiful person, like an angel. The ghost trick also said that the ring was stolen by herself, and she even handed over the hairpin to Xiao Tao's mother Sang herself. Because Guiji's younger sister likes pretty things, she takes a fancy to Mama-san's ring, and she gnaws at Guiji and asks her to steal it from her. Guiji can't bear the torture of her sister, who steals Mama-san's ring and puts the blame on Xiao Tao.
Ghost trick said that he strangled Xiao Tao, and in the hope that Xiao Tao was still waiting for Chris after being tortured, he strangled her. "I can endure all the pain, the only thing I can't bear is kindness." The ghost said slowly on the almost pious face, she was redeeming, she was helping Xiao Tao go to heaven, the kind Xiao Tao is the one who went to heaven, and she was destined to is hell.
The ghost said that she knew a lot of things, and the person Xiaotao was waiting for was also a person who deserved to go to hell. Xiaotao would never be accepted by heaven with him, so she wanted to save her. Because Chris had raped his sister and killed her.
After listening to the story of the ghost trick, Chris almost frantically shot the ghost trick, but he saw that it was Xiao Tao who fell.
In the end Chris was sent to prison.
Somber tones, sinful people seek redemption in the dark.
There is also warmth. When Guiji was a child, one day bathed in the sun, his younger sister stuck out of the hair on her head and hummed a nursery rhyme softly, the only remaining hand slowly shaking a warm rhythm. This will never be forgotten in the memory of ghost tricks, that warm afternoon.
The memory of Chris, the little peach-red clothes, holding the windmill in the grassland with a bright smile, penetrates the darkness.
Both Gigi and Chris love Tao so much because they see the light in Tao. One's dark soul can be redeemed, and one's original sin can be cleared up. But over and over again, the ghost trick missed the more warmth of Xiao Tao, and Chris missed Xiao Tao's infatuation waiting. The sins they committed will never be washed away. Just wait for the afterlife.
In the last scene, Chris in prison sang a nursery rhyme peacefully with a wooden tub with a baby beside him, with Xiao Tao and his sister beside him, and the light from heaven. A baby represents the new birth, waiting for the afterlife. 
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  • The Woman: This island isn't in the human world; demons and whores are the only ones living here.

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