A deformed life born under an ethical farce

Elisha 2022-07-14 13:46:33

The steel needles are inserted into the nails, the lips are nailed, except for these pictures that make people feel physically uncomfortable, this movie is really disgusting to me, like the ugliness of countless steel whips repeatedly beating human nature, but it is very in line with the Japanese culture. Unreserved trampling, disregard for life, and forcible sophistry separating spirit and flesh. Although the last conjoined sister is a bit abrupt, after the absurd plot ahead, it seems to be nothing, and even just echoes the retribution of parents for deviating from ethics. , Memories unfold over and over again, and the truth is revealed layer by layer. Why do people have to know the truth and live in a lie to be happier. As the memories of the geisha get closer and closer to the truth, the lies and memories are overturned over and over again. , makes people feel a sense of enlightenment after a little exploration, the truth behind the lie is the plot design and highlight that I like. To sum up, the horror component is not bad, but the brows are always tight when watching the movie, the indescribable nausea and discomfort are carried through the whole process, from the midwife to the beater, the new life is treated like garbage, and even the eyes that show is only Disdain and disdain is really a wanton trampling on the ethics of human nature. Perhaps in such a plot, a curse like the parasitic sister is really needed to end this crazy farce. A story of deformed life caused by a Japanese-style ethical farce.

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