Rie Miyazawa

Rie Miyazawa

  • Born: 1973-4-6
  • Height: 5' 5¾" (1.67 m)
  • Extended Reading

    The Twilight Samurai quotes

    • Seibei Iguchi: I am ashamed to say that over many years of hardship with two daughters, a sick wife and an aged mother, I have lost the desire to wield a sword. A serious fight, the killing of a man, requires animal ferocity and calm disregard for one's own life. I have neither of those within me now. Perhaps in a month... alone with the beasts in the hills I could get them back. But tomorrow, I am afraid, is completely impossible.

    • Zenemon Yogo: So they sent you...

      Seibei Iguchi: Zenemon Yogo, by order of the clan, I come for your life. Draw your sword, please.

      Zenemon Yogo: [Intoxicated] Have a drink? I know you're all keyed up, but I'm going to run.

      Seibei Iguchi: Run?

      Zenemon Yogo: Yep. I want you to let me get away. If you please.

      Seibei Iguchi: I didn't expect that fromt he clan's best one-sword man. My orders are to kill you. I can't let you escape.

      Zenemon Yogo: Don't be so impatient, you can kill me at anytime. I'd like to talk to you. Have a seat. It's a nice day.