Santi Scinelli

Santi Scinelli

  • Born: 1964-7-31
  • Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)
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    • Addie 2022-10-05 17:22:34

      Sometimes it only takes a moment

      This is a true story adapted from the 2007 "British Got Talent" show. That year there was Aunt Susan and this fat boy Paul. I think you must still remember.

      Movies with the theme of dream inspirational shows also have a customary pattern. The current movie market is more willing to use real people...

    • Elouise 2022-10-05 13:23:53

      Everyone has to grasp the opportunities in their lives

      It seems to be a comedy of a mediocre dream come true. At first it was because I liked Taylor’s song, and then I knew that Taylor had composed the film. It was a bit late, but as long as I watched it, no matter how long or late it is, it’s very common. My favorite part of the comedy narration is...

    One Chance quotes

    • Roland: There's something I want to tell you. I know I haven't always been the best of fathers.

      Paul: Dad, you don't have to say...

      Roland: Shut up and me do the singing for once. The only real measure of a father's success is by how far his children end up surpassing him in life. And you, you can be very, very proud of yourself.

    • [repeated line]

      Julz: One foot, then the other.