One Chance evaluation action

2022-10-05 22:56
The film is a confrontation between the declining industrial civilization and the traditional art of the high and the few.  
The actor has experienced frustrations such as seeing netizens courting, attending an art school but failing stage fright during the performance, suffering from an illness that makes him temporarily unable to sing and other frustrations. From this, the actor is also arranged to be funny. When the elements are not too strong, the movie itself is smooth and stable. So "One Chance" is a modest and inspiring and warm work.  
After watching the movie, I immediately fell in love with this story, I fell in love with Paul Paz, it was like a Cinderella story.  
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One Chance quotes

  • Julz: See you, Brad.

    Paul: Bye, Cameron.

  • Paul: [voice over] Once in a while we practise stage combat.

    Paul: [aloud] Ow! It's meant to be acting class, not stabbing class. That really hurt.

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