Lords of Dogtown movie plot

2021-12-23 08:01
California, Venice Beach, Dogtown, rough and dry streets, for people who lived in them in the 1970s, this is a familiar everyday scene. Due to the worst drought in history, all the swimming pools in the park became The dry pool, but it was these dry pools that inspired a group of Surfing-loving boys, allowing Surfing’s technology to evolve to the pool wall, adding safer and more reliable polyurethane pulleys to the skateboard, and from then on extreme sports An important part of the project-U skateboarding was born. The boys called themselves "Westerly Boys". From the huge waves to the abandoned docks to the concrete wasteland in the city, their dreams of becoming professional Surfing players also became professional skateboards. The dream of the athletes, but the only thing that has not changed is the attitude of contempt for danger and death. The poverty of life has honed their tenacity to survive. The small polyurethane pulleys gradually become a wave of free and casual sports aesthetics, traditional skaters. I don’t know how to understand them, but the girls’ screams don’t hesitate to offer them. Developers with keen sense of smell flock to them, and the pastime between teenage playmates has become an inexhaustible commercial resource.   .
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  • Clovis 2022-03-27 09:01:11

    The director's narrative is good, especially the ending. The interpretation of such an ordinary thing is very rhythmic, and it is immediately flesh and blood.

  • Violette 2022-04-22 07:01:37

    When the music of wish you were here played at the end of the credits, I wanted to cry a bit.

Lords of Dogtown quotes

  • Gabrielle: Hey! You totally blew me away!

    Jay: What? You wanna blow me?

    [the Z-Boys laugh]

    Gabrielle: Maybe!

  • Stacy: [in full skate gear, speaking of Tony] You guys even skate with him anymore?

    Jay: Dude's competing with the sun for the center of the universe.

    [Stacy shrugs, walks off]

    Jay: [to Sid] Stacy looks like a stock car.

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